Thesis and Traineeship Opportunities

  • Energy Center Lab Thesis proposals

            See here Thesis proposals of the Interdepartemental Center in collaboration with Energy Center Lab. 

  • Traineeship

           Possible themes to be explored:

  1. Study/modelling of thermal comfort of a single room of Energy Center House and auditing activities of center monitoring data. From TRA signals you have temperature data of rooms, and you will soon have: effective lighting, set point, external air temperature. It may be useful to evaluate heat losses during nights and winter, or during days and summer (without considering thermal endogenous inputs).
  2. Activities related to the design of a database for monitoring data of the center. The trainee may be part of a supporting team for “ICT” experts in the construction of such a database.
  3. Review of the state of the art of CO2 removal process by membranes and/or ionic liquids (from literature) to get to preliminary modelling for the future testbed that will be installed at Envipark with Energy Center and Infra-p funds.
  4. Integration between option 3 and CO2 removal of exhaust gases from microchip: summary of macro and micro components and analytical instrumentations to identify the gas on microchip operational parameters and fuels treated. Analysis of the possibility to re-use heat with alternative solutions as PCM and thermal storage.
  5. Review of literature data and preliminary modelling for “chemical looping” with solar concentrator testbed. Opportunity to study solar source as a heat source for stirling engine.
  6. Study and modelling for the installation of a weather station on the rooftop of Energy Center. This will be useful to better design the control unit of the weather station. Integration with the center system.
  7. Monitoring and enquiry about the 47 kW photovoltaic plant of the center. Literature research about methods for monitoring energy production of PV plants. Opportunity of experimental support of appropriate techniques and methods, such as thermography to verify health of the photovoltaic system of the Energy Center.
  8. Enquiry and bibliographic analysis to evaluate historical evolution of efficiency and costs of RES plants: purchase, management and maintenance of some technologies (PV, solar heating, wind, fuel cells, PCM for thermal storage, batteries for electrical storage).